A cannabis high is always subjective. It varies in each unique circumstance, and from person to person. Many people prefer their high to be laidback, while others seek to activate that “buzz”. No matter what your personal preference may be, a myriad of factors can impact your high. 

Through gaining awareness, you’ll be better equipped to cultivate equanimity and achieve the high you really want. Diverse strains can cause different highs, and feeling empowered to guide the direction of your high is key. 

Here’s a closer look at what affects your cannabis high.


When it comes to cannabis, both space and setting are integral to your experience. If you’re surrounded by people and objects, versus sitting solo in an empty space, you may feel a different degree of high. As a beginner, it’s always best to ease in and opt for a space that feels safe, with trustworthy friends nearby who can support you if things start to feel a little weird.


The dose of cannabis you consume is vital – especially when trying out a new strain, 

edible or dabbing. A higher dose could put you to sleep or cause severe anxiety. Again, it’s best to start gradually by microdosing, and build up your dosage, milligram by milligram.

Method of Delivery

One major factor is how you consume cannabis. For instance, edibles take a much 

longer time to kick in, but they can also create a stronger and more ‘heightened’ high compared to joints. If it’s your first time with a new method of delivery, tread gently and incrementally. 

Age, Experience & Tolerance

How you tolerate cannabis depends largely on your unique composition. Tolerance and dosing levels will vary, even between those who share similar body types and experience. Age also plays a vital role; one study found that THC tolerance was lower in adult rats, and higher in adolescent rats. More research is needed to inform this view, but it’s clear that the aging process is linked to how well we tolerate cannabis. 

Specific Strain

Finding your favourite strain involves experimentation. Whether you’re trying out sativa, indica, CBD, THC or a combination, you’ll feel a distinct contrast between strains. Some may leave you feeling ultra relaxed, while others could ignite a cross-fire of thoughts. 


Ever heard of terpenes? While they may sound unfamiliar, your sensory perception knows them well. Terpenes are the compounds that infuse cannabis strains with flavours and aromas such as citrus, mint, lavender and pine. Certain terpenes relieve stress and promote calm, while others can enhance clarity and concentration. More than 100 terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant, and each strain offers a unique experience. When it comes to finding your optimal high, test the terpene landscape and try out what you’re intuitively drawn to.  

At the end of the day, enhancing your cannabis high is all about experimenting and listening to your body – safely and proactively, whether you’re wandering in the woods or curled up at home on the couch.