Taking time for self-care is proven to help with your overall well-being and health, and it shouldn’t be a luxury. Whether you’re feeling extra-stressed or just need a little pick-me-up, self-care is always a good idea.

Our favourite way to unwind? A warm bath with a Mota bath bomb. If you’re always a bonafide bath person, we’re preaching to the converted. But, you’ve never really taken a bath until you’ve taken a cannabis bath.

CBD and THC bath bombs not only help get you immediately into a more zen state, they have longer term health benefits. These powerful fragrant spheres pack a punch when it comes to your skin and muscle health.

Here are some of their amazing benefits:

  1. Boosts mental clarity and improves your mental state
  2. Releases muscle tension and pain
  3. Fights cold and flu symptoms
  4. Soothes PMS and menstrual aches and cramps
  5. Helps combat insomnia
  6. Reduces symptoms of arthritis

For those of you wondering about the psychoactive effects of cannabis in bath bombs: THC and CBD cannot penetrate the blood barrier in your skin. Your skin contains both types of endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoids from topical solutions, like bath bombs, give benefits that are only skin deep.

If you’ve ever used epsom salts, the experience is similar, but with many added benefits.

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Add cannabis bath bombs to your self-care ritual this winter.