Summer has officially arrived, and we’re digging these warm sunny vibes.  After the past few months, it’s refreshing to embrace our outdoor spaces and take time to truly chill out.  Restoring calm and well-being should be a top priority on your summer bucket list. 

Here are a few tips to focus on self-care all summer long… 

  1. Ditch the couch and go relax outside. Bring a blanket or outdoor chair and set up camp close to nature.
  2. Cook yourself a simple nourishing meal with whole food ingredients.
  3. Read a book by the beach or at a nearby park. 
  4. Go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. 
  5. Explore your local farmer’s market.
  6. Start a garden or join a community garden. 
  7. Tidy up one small space or room in your home.
  8. Make a summer feel-good playlist. 
  9. Plan a socially distanced picnic.
  10. Try a new form of movement.
  11. Start a meditation practice for 5 minutes in the morning. 

When it comes to self-care and cannabis, here are some of our fave products to help you feel relaxed and renewed.


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