1ml 86% Cannabinoids

Chocolate Kush is a dark, rich blend of terpenes and cannabinoids that will impress even the most experienced toker! Hits hard and tastes delicious! Ethos Extracts Syringes are made locally in Victoria by an experienced producer who is passionate about their work. All extracts are made using quality locally grown product.

This oil may be used orally or smoked/inhaled.

Dose: We suggest starting with a very small dose of this concentrated oil, a drop approximately half the size of a grain of rice. Oil should be taken with foods containing saturated fats for optimal absorption. Please allow 1-3 hours for the full effects to be felt before increasing your dose as needed. If taken as a sleep aid, take 1-2 hours before bedtime. We suggest it be taken inside a spoonful of yogurt, a piece of bread, a cracker, or other foods. This oil may be used to create your own edibles at home.