Cambodian Cubensis Capsules


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Our mushroom capsules are great for those who are new to the world of shrooms. They give you a convenient and easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms in a consistent microdose. Cambodian cubensis mushrooms are one of the fastest acting mushrooms and are known for their potency and high levels of psilocybin.

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Suggested Dosing, tread lightly.

Lab tested. Made in Canada.

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Weight 0.005 g
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.2 × 0.2 cm
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100mg, 300mg, 50mg

3 reviews for Cambodian Cubensis Capsules

  1. Yonge (verified owner)

    50mg – First ever experience with shrooms. Felt euphoric, tingly, bright vivid vision, followed by giggly phase. Lasted about 6 hours.

    Good for beginners.

  2. Reeko (verified owner)

    Took a 100 mg each, my girlfriend and I. Felt a wave of energy but that’s it. No euphoria or anything different.

    • chalmers

      100mg are intended for microdosing, if you are looking for a moderate buzz I would recommend taking 4-5 or trying our 300mg capsules.

  3. CS (verified owner)

    300mg capsules are great!

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