Ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of your edibles? 

Us too. That’s why we’ve weighed out a few tips on how to have your best edible experience. 

The effects of edibles are more complex than vaping, smoking or sublingual cannabis. Factors like digestion, metabolism and absorption all impact the timing of your edible high. It could take 45 minutes to 3 hours before you start noticing any ‘heightened’ reaction.

How are THC edibles absorbed in the body?

  • Once you chew your yummy edible, it travels down into your stomach.
  • Stomach acids and enzymes break down the edible into its individual compounds such as THC.
  • THC is absorbed through the stomach lining and delivered to the liver.
  • In the liver, THC is converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC. This metabolic byproduct can actually cross the blood-brain barrier more readily than inhaling THC!

What are the standards in edible dosing?

Low ‘microdose’: 1-5mg THC (gentle stimulation)

Standard dose: 5mg THC (improved mood + creativity)

Intermediate dose: 10-20mg THC (pain relief + deep relaxation) 

Experienced dose: 20mg+ (full blown euphoria + psychoactive effects)

For a more mellow edible without the high, try a CBD-only edible or one that is lower in THC.

Pro tips:

  • Go slow and low. Remember – you can always increase your dose, but you can’t turn back the clock if you’ve taken too much (and suddenly you’re in for a wild trip). 
  • Each body can have a very unique reaction to the same quantity of THC. We all process cannabis differently. Begin with the lowest dose of THC, and increase your dose if you don’t feel the desired effects within 1.5-2 hours (patience is key).
  • If you’ve accidentally consumed a higher dose than you can handle, keep calm, roll with it and sip water until the psychoactive effects pass. Try taking a nap or curling up with a blanket.
  • Eating before edibles will impact the absorption rate and intensity of THC. If you’re taking edibles on an empty stomach, keep some nourishing THC-free snacks nearby to satisfy those imminent munchies

At Mota, our edibles are easy to divide into smaller quantities, based on the total milligram amount.

Questions? You can always reach out to us.