Late summer is here and you need to bliss out. Chocolate on cannabis is a good place to start.

Before the days of artisanal cannabis-infused chocolate, we had the classic “special” weed brownie. This homemade pot dessert arguably laid the foundation for the range of cannabis baked goods we know and love today. If you’re in the mood to get “baked”, check out this decadent recipe for easy cannabis brownies

Why do cannabis and chocolate make such a mouth-watering duo?

First of all, they both have the mystical ability to bring us deep serenity.

In many ways, the results of consuming chocolate are chemically related to the effects of cannabis. Cacao beans contain anandamide, which is a lipid known as the brain’s “bliss molecule” that binds to the same cannabinoid receptors as THC. In this sense, chocolate can emulate the psychoactive sensations we get from cannabis. Some studies have also looked at how chocolate can enhance the effects of marijuana. 

Need more of a reason to indulge a little? 

Cacao is a potent source of antioxidants and flavonoids, which can help boost cardiovascular health. Bonus! 

Together, cannabis and chocolate can help ease insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation and nausea.

Here are three of our favourite cannabis chocolate edibles. When dosing, remember to indulge responsibly. Go slow and low. These aren’t your average chocolates…

Flavours: pure, mint, raspberry 

A delicious chocolate bar intended for high-dose patients who are looking for a discreet and convenient edible option.

Peanut butter and chocolate, is there a better pairing out there?