In times like these, perhaps we should all follow the sound advice of Seth Rogen:

“People of British Columbia! Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there! It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!”

While his public service tweet is a great reminder for all, the only thing he missed was a nod to the written word. In this case, we’re sharing a gentle reminder to stay home, get high and swap some screen time for reading.

Smoking weed and reading a book can add a deeper layer to the mind-altering experience. Factors like the style of literature and strain of weed will inform how you perceive a story (and whether you cry/laugh/stay up all night).

We’ve rounded up our top 10 books to read while getting high.

  • How to Change Your Mind

    Author: Michael Pollan

    Genre: science, consciousness, memoir, travel writing, history, medicine

  • Surfacing

    Author: Margaret Atwood

    Genre: detective novel, psychological thriller

  • The Book of Awakening

    Author: Mark Nepo

    Genre: new age, self-help, spirituality

  • Deep Thoughts

    Author: Jack Handey

    Genre: Humour, parody

  • The Lord of the Rings (Series)

    Author: J. R. R. Tolkien

    Genres: novel, heroic fantasy fiction, ‘chivalric’ romance, adventure

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