If you’re a cannabis lover, there’s no doubt you’re always on the lookout for the best cannabis strains to pair with your favourite activities. 

No two people are alike, and the same goes for cannabis strains. When choosing the right strain for the activity of your choice, keep in mind:

  • Sativa strains contain lower doses of CDB and higher doses of THC, inducing a ‘mind-high’. They tend to have anxiety-reducing, energizing effects.
  • Indica strains usually have a higher CBD content and less THC, resulting in a mellow, relaxing high.
  • Hybrid strains often combine the best of both worlds. They are bred with unique ratios of indica and sativa, to deliver specific benefits.

Here is a list of the best cannabis strains to elevate your daily routine.


Lemon Apricot: with a stimulating hybrid high, it’s no wonder this strain is considered a staple all around the world. Lemon Apricot has a pleasant citrus taste and delivers a strong body-high while stimulating the mind. Get on your running (or dancing) shoes, and get even higher on endorphins.


Clementine: a sativa strain that gives a weightless, clear-headed high. Clementine has a clear psychoactive effect, leaving you with boosted spirits and increased focus. Buckle down on pesky cleaning tasks, and never put off chores again.


Gelato: another hybrid strain, Gelato provides an energy boost paired with a mild euphoric effect. For this reason, it is a top choice among artists and musicians for its creative mental high. Go ahead and start that project you’ve been sitting on for days!


Sour Cherry Sherbet: you can trust that this strain will give you that typical stoned feeling. Sour Cherry Sherbet begins with a heavy cerebral high that slowly travels to the body, culminating in a blissful couchlock feeling. Get cozy with Sour Cherry Sherbet after a long day.


Crumbled Lime: having trouble concentrating on a task? Crumbled Lime might be the right choice for you. This sativa strain sharpens the mind and leaves you clear-headed, allowing you to give any task your undivided attention. Go on, get your concentration on.

It takes a lot of tinkering to find the perfect strain, so start with these few suggestions and tailor yourself a collection for every situation.

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