Cannabis has been used for decades to spice things up in the bedroom. And, now there’s science to back it up.

A recent study carried out by Saint Louis University in Missouri has shown that the use of cannabis prior to sex does, in fact, have a number of positive impacts on one’s sexual experience, particularly for women.

The personal accounts of over 400 participants in a survey regarding sexual intimacy and cannabis use revealed that women who engaged in intercourse while high were more likely to have an orgasm than those who did not.

The paper that was recently published in the Sexual Medicine journal also stated that “among those who reported using marijuana before sex, 68.5 percent stated that the overall sexual experience was more pleasurable, 60.6 percent noted an increase in sex drive, and 52.8 percent reported an increase in satisfying orgasms”.

Sex while high feels so good because our bodies have an endogenous cannabinoid system built in. Our endogenous cannabinoid system (named after the cannabis plant) is an important physiologic system in the body which phytocannabinoids in the cannabis plant, such as THC and CBD, bind to, producing a myriad of experiences.

While smoking or vaping cannabis can be an incredible experience for enhancing sex. Try edibles or a cannabis tincture for next-level feels. Edibles take longer to kick-in and last generally for up to five to six hours compared to the two to three hours from inhalation. If you want a maximum body high, edibles are the ultimate sex marathon pairing.

Cannabis can also help with any discomfort experienced during sex (three out of four people with vulvas have experienced pain during sex). Cannabis is a pain reliever, and topically it can reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, and increase pleasure and sensation by encouraging blood flow.

Last but not least, cannabis can also lower inhibitions, making for better connection not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Cannabis can help us open up and let our guard down. When your inhibitions are lowered, your feel-good endorphins are activated, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and connect with your partner.